Introduction to Blackjack and Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is by far the best and the most popular card game. It involves playing against the hand of the dealer. For you to win, you must beat the dealer with a combination of 21 cards (blackjack) or less. You can enjoy blackjack games on both live casinos and online blackjack casinos. We are going to put most of our focus on online casinos. For NewZealand players, onlinecasino-Newzealand gives you the perfect place to play your blackjack game. Playing online blackjack depends on chances since the game outcome is random. However, there are different strategies you can employ to have an edge and also win something every time you play. Here are some basics.


Play On Trusted Online Casinos

To date, there are hundreds of online casinos offering blackjack games. A simple internet search can overwhelm you with options. It seems a good thing having a variety of options. However, landing on the best online casino for your blackjack game is not a walk in the park. You will find some of the most attractive online casinos ever. They will entice you with mouthwatering offers such as free no wagering bonuses and also free money. However, they will turn to be scammers whos main aim was to run away with your money. That is how you will get frustrated. Before you go cursing all online blackjack casinos, there are different ways you can prove their authenticity.

A reputable casino will always be transparent with their offers. There is a bonus policy document that contains all the terms and conditions involved in bonuses. In case there is a wagering requirement, the site should notify the players. Another sign of a reputable casino is the availability of a gambling license. For a casino to retain the license, they must exercise fairness. In case a casino violates the license, they will have their license revoked. A legit and trusted casino will advertise their license number somewhere on the home page where it can be seen by players. If you can't see it on the home page, don't spend most of your time on that site.

Test in Demo Mode

The demo is a replica of a real money casino. Most of the online casinos will have two versions running concurrently. Thay will retain similar attributes since they all come from the same company and run on the same server. The demo version is the free version. Instead of using real money, you will get virtual/free money to help you out. For a new blackjack player, the demo version is the perfect place for you to start. When here, you are free to make different mistakes as you perfect your skills. Such mistakes will always be overlooked since there is no real money getting lost. You will only lose fun money of which you can always re-top on your virtual account.

  • The Demo version is the best place to practice your card counting skills.
  • A demo version retains 100% attributes of the real money blackjack version.

The demo version gives you a chance to try different blackjack variations available. Assuming that your main aim is to land on the perfect blackjack, you will need to play and study the characteristics of various blackjack versions. The one that keeps giving you winnings after every short duration is the one you should pick. Playing on the demo mode will also give you an opportunity to try different tricks, hacks, and strategies. Some strategies can fire you to great winnings if you get them right. However, they require patient and hard work. That is why you need to be on demo mode to avoid losing a lot of money. Once you perfect your game, you can play on a real money blackjack casino.

Win Little By Little

The biggest mistake blackjack players make is the desire to get overnight success. Mostly, they always want to see their accounts rolling with big profits. That is why they will always want to make huge bets. It is common to see players withdrawing all their money and placing it on a bet. Well, in case of a win, it will be big enough to fire you into financial freedom. However, chances of losing all your money are a bit higher. A lot of people are in depression due to silly mistakes they made that costed their fortune. The best way is to place small bets and keep growing your bankroll. In the event of any loss, it will not have that big impact.